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Ganando Casos de Daño Personal y Defensa Criminal en La Ciudad de New York


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Our experienced team of attorneys at Buckvar & Buckvar, provide the type of legal representation that results in success. To find out more about our services, please visit our “About The Firm” page here below.

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Ganando Casos de Daño Personal y Defensa Criminal en La Ciudad de New York


Nada en la vida es por seguro. Usted siempre puede esperar lo inesperado. Usted nunca sabe cuando puede verse involucrado en una demanda valida de daño personal o defensa criminal. Situaciones como daño personal son accidentes que suceden por motivo de negligencia o descuido de otros. Cuando se trata de defensa criminal, aveces Usted simplemente se convierte muy apasionado o justifica acciones que normalmente Usted no tomaria, y de repente se encuentra en el lado equivocado de tal caso.

En Buckvar & Buckvar, nosotros trabajamos diligentemente y incansablemente para lograrle a clientes como Usted el resultado legal que Usted merece. Mientras Usted pueda ser acusado de un crimen o pueda sufrir un daño personal, Usted necesita la experiencia de alguien que le puede ayudar a traves de las complejas situaciones legales que surgen de circumstancias inesperadas. Aprenda mas sobre nuestro pequeño, pero dedicado, equipo legal y su historial profesional:

Nothing in life is for certain. You can always expect the unexpected. You never know when you might become involved in a valid personal injury or criminal defense suit. Situations like personal injury are accidents that happen because of the negligence or carelessness of others. When it comes to criminal defense, sometimes you just get very passionate or rationalize actions you wouldn’t normally take, and suddenly you find yourself on the wrong end of just such a case.

At Buckvar & Buckvar, we work diligently and tirelessly to get clients like you the just legal outcome you deserve. While you may be accused of a crime or you might experience a personal injury, you need the expertise of someone who can help you through complex legal situations that arise out of unexpected circumstances. Learn more about our small, but dedicated, legal team and their professional background:

Eric Buckvar

A graduate of the State University at Albany in 1983 and Brooklyn Law School in 1987, Eric practiced as prosecutor for murder and serious felony cases as a Kings County District Attorney from 1987 – 1994. He tried numerous homicide and other serious felony cases, and also handled many appeals of homicides and other serious felony cases before the Appellate Division, Second Department. In 1994, he decided to join his father Morton and form the firm Buckvar & Buckvar.

Since then, he’s successfully helped clients in a variety of personal injury cases, from inception to trial. Some of his more notable cases won include:

  • $1.2 million dollar suit regarding the wrongful death of a New York State inmate

  • $2.5 million total in settlements for wrongful deaths related to the negligent highway design of the Bronx River Parkway

Eric currently stays active at the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and the Jewish Lawyers Guild.

Morton Buckvar

Morton Buckvar graduated New York University Law School in 1959, where he had been a member of the Law Review under legendary legal writer, and judge, Irving Younger.

In 1960, he opened his own firm at 299 Broadway in Manhattan. Morton Buckvar handled and tried thousands of cases of all types, including personal injury, commercial, and criminal cases. He won a 1980 trial on behalf of “The Incredible Hulk” actor and bodybuilder, Lou Ferrigno, against promoter Dan Lurie.

It’s not every day in the legal industry that you get to represent someone with a high degree of notoriety. But, that’s exactly what happened to me, Morton Buckvar. Lou Ferrigno, television’s Incredible Hulk, filed a lawsuit against Dan Lurie, who at the time published Muscle Training Illustrated magazine.

Lurie used photos of my client, which implied that he endorsed various protein-supplements advertised in the magazine, when in fact, he did not. Photos of Ferrigno also appeared on the cover of the magazine.

Lead Counsel – Eric Buckvar and Morton Buckvar


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