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Latest Cases


Estate of Brandon Jackson v. The New York State Department of Corrections
Settled, $1.2 million

Estates of Jeremiah Blackwell, Derrick Gardner, Aysia Gardner, and Brandon Daye v. The City of New York, and Estate of Jeremiah Blackwell, Aysia Gardner, and Brandon Daye v. The State of New York
Settled for a total of approximately $2.7 million



Rosemary Maniscalco v. New York City Transit Authority

Margeurite Cordero vs. Safa Ambulette Corp.


Nici v. Empire City Subway, trip and fall accident in New York City roadway, verdict for plaintiff %100 liability, $300,000 (pre-trial offer was $150,000)


Wayne Hallman v. State of New York and New York State Dept. of Corrections, 100% liability verdict for plaintiff injured due to dangerous prison playing field


Guillermo Bautista v. New Fulton Fish Market, J&K Seafood, etc.

Guillermo Bautista, was a laborer at the market and lost his leg below the knee when he was struck by a forklift; we proved that the market loading area had unsafe traffic patterns.

A forklift struck plaintiff.  The market also found responsible for inadequate safety practices in the loading area.

Won a 5.5 million dollar settlement at trial for loss of leg below the knee in Bronx Supreme Court

$400,000 for child injured when pharmacist mistakenly dispensed methadone instead of ritalin.


Confidential Plaintiffs

Nassau County, Husband and Wife injured in car accident requiring spinal surgeries.

$1,375,000.00  Settlement


Among the many interesting cases he has handled over the years, Morton Buckvar feels that the “Incredible Hulk” trial was one of the most interesting. Lou Ferrigno, the actor and bodybuilder who played the “Incredible Hulk” was induced by promoter and body builder Dan Lurie to sign a release to allow photos of him to be published in Lurie’s “Muscle Training Illustrated” magazine. Mr. Ferrigno was paid only a few hundred dollars. The photos were published in a way that implied that Mr. Ferrigno endorsed various protein-supplements advertised in the magazine, when, in fact, he did not. Morton Buckvar filed a lawsuit on Mr. Ferrigno’s behalf, but Dan Lurie refused to settle, and, in 1980, Morton Buckvar tried the case before a jury; the jury agreed with Mr. Ferrigno’s claim that the “Incredible Hulk” was tricked into signing a release and awarded him $75,000.00 in damages (approximately $250,000 in 2013 dollars).


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